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PLP GRANULAR FORMULA is our patented granular pest repellent that will last for up to two weeks. This natural repellent is the same natural formula as PLP Liquid Formula but combined with Fuller’s Earth to create a granular version.

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PLP Granular Formula will treat 600 square feet (20′ x 30′). Packaged in a bottle with a shaker top, simply sprinkle granular throughout the desired area. You don’t have to use a lot, just lightly sprinkle in small even rows, not just a border but also throughout the desired area to be occupied. Wait 15 minutes and enjoy the outdoors.

INSECT CONTROL: PLP Granular Formula controls mosquitoes and no-see-ums

TREATMENT AREAS: PLP Granular Formula can be used in lawns, gardens, patios, decks, campsites, fishing spots, sandy areas, landscapes, picnic and BBQ areas, around pools, patios and ponds, open fields, playgrounds, plant nurseries, hardscapes, golf courses, barns, outdoor events as concerts, sports games, weddings and much more.

GRANULAR FORMULA USES: packaged in a convenient to-go bottle, take this repellent on your next outing! Going on a picnic, camping, an outdoor concert or just relaxing under a tree? Sprinkle PLP Granular and enjoy your outdoors again.

THE RESULTS: packaged in a convenient to-go bottle, take this repellent on your next outing. Enjoy the outdoors again! Take a shaker bottle of our granular on your next outdoor event and sprinkle in and around the desired areas. Within minutes you will see the results!

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