About Us

Here is our Family’s journey to creating an effective natural insect repellent,  born on the outskirts of Florida’s Everglades National Park.

During the late spring of 2005, my family moved into a ranch along the edge of the Everglades National Park. The Everglades is famously called “the river of grass”. It looks like acres of tall grass, but in fact the grass stands in several inches to several feet of flowing water. So, in the summer it is a HUGE nesting ground for mosquitoes. We really couldn’t enjoy being outdoors with our family and dogs. We literally had to wear a long pants and run to take the garbage out!

With this background set, our mother knew there had to be a better way. Some folks call it intuition, but I believe if you listen, God will give you witty inventions. I remembered as a little girl, her family went camping and used garlic and other plant ingredients around their campsite to get relief from mosquitoes. Using that as a base and adding other ingredients, we created a mixture, and with the help of my daughters, mixed up a recipe and poured them in gallon jugs. We poured this first mixture outside along the foundation of the

house and porch. Relief! We were mosquito free! This was the first time we could actually enjoy the outdoors at our ranch house with our family and all our dogs.

However, we waited. Being only a short distance from the Everglades, one good westerly wind would blow in another cloud of mosquitoes.Well blow it did, but the mosquitoes stayed away for a week or two, wherever we sprayed our mother’s recipe.

Our parents have several acres in the Florida Keys and in North Carolina, so we started tweaking the recipe, using it around our properties, ponds and throughout the barns and farm. We consulted with chemists, entomologists and other experts in our field. We tested the product over many years and created a formula that not only repels mosquitoes, but many other pests. From resisting fungus, to helping lawn grow, we were amazed at how beneficial this formula was in so many different situations.

Lori Porter, Founder, Inventor

I saw the need of our customers who wanted a product that was all natural, chemical free, and with no poisons. Our PLP lawn products and personal topical sprays are effective alternatives to the traditional pesticides.Our products are EPA exempt, and powered by plants. Enjoy the results!

From our family to yours,
the Porter Family
Lori Porter, Founder & President